Jess Search Chief Executive, Doc Society

“I’ve known about Straight8 for a really long time and I had the pleasure of meeting Ed many years ago when I was Channel 4 commissioner editor. We did a Straight8 project for Channel 4. And I personally have done a Straight8, so I have a big dose of humility and I know exactly how hard they are to do. This was an absolutely beautiful and incredibly intimate and touching portrait. And I also like the meta-ness of it: here we are, with a Straight8 film about a cinematographer, who is actually in frame and talking about life and talking about imagery…I particularly loved the way he says “well, this is an experiment isn’t it? You can’t go wrong with an experiment because it’s an experiment.””

Asif Kapadia Director “Amy”, “Senna”, “Diego Maradona”

In so many ways it’s really simple, but actually it’s also a complex film, with so many layers and ideas. It’s a simple journey of a character telling his own personal story. And throught that journey you learn about relationships, about Derek Jarman, and then you understand how super8 is actually a part of the story. Super8 and Derek Jarman, and The Garden are all linked…it shows the power of what can be said in 3 minutes of Super8.”

LA STAMPA (IT) – Società, Cultura e Spettacoli – 7 July 2020

CòRE (IT/EN) – Colette Al Cinema – 10 September 2020